General Information

The Process

The process is divided in two stages.


Stage 1: Innovation Weekend

13-15 June

This is where you all will participate in an idea and need identification process that will lead to clustering and matchmaking. At the end of the weekend the goal is that 5-10 innovations/new incubation services have been identified and that teams have been formed to work together in stage two.

Stage 2: Development, verification & pilot plan

Each team will work together to develop, verify and plan for the pilot. This process will be led by the incubator and supported by the NxtGenInc team. During this stage you will be able to use the cloud-based idea management system WIDE to structure the process. In September the incubator will decide if they will apply for financing from VINNOVA and in November VINNOVA will have their decision.

The Goal


To goal is that each participating incubator will identify an innovation that they want to continue to develop together with a team of startup entrepreneurs. However, since this is an open process there is no guarantee that the participants in stage 1 will identify an innovation that fits their business or needs.

Financing & Participation